Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Monsters and scrota

Howdy, friends. Lots of things happening, so here we go.

First of all, damn.

Next, the Scrotoss blog is live -- now with only 50 per cent recycled content! Expect more on this super-exciting new/old pastime soon, inculding a glossary and some excellent media from Dwayne Martineau. Check it out; this week's column is there, too. Want to see Steve Notley handling the scrot and looking super-stoned? You can, since the Scrotoss flickr photoset has been seeded.

In other photographic news, my super-neglected celphone photo gallery crossed the 600-image threshold during a long busride the other day. Precious moments, captured in digital amber.

Last but not least, for the update trifecta, there's a new monster up on the Field Guide to Monsters of the World. Scary.

OK! Until next time, may your shaft be always straight and your scrot always hefty!

Photo: D. Martineau

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