Friday, June 30, 2006

Life During Wartime, June 27, 2006

After a two-week break, a show notable mainly for a 7-song Rock Block. Something about the 32-degree weather inspired me to shut up and let them records spin.

Shuggie Otis -- Sweet Thing
Shooting at Unarmed Men -- In-flight Instructions Are a Joke, Say I
Pipo Fiasco -- Sanders
Califone -- When Leon Spinx Moved Into Town
Monster Movie -- Return to Yesterday
Sonic Youth -- Pink Stream
Wire -- Strange
Built to Spill -- Goin' Against Your Mind
Frank Black -- Fitzgerald
Z-Rock Hawaii -- Bad to the Bone
Hot Live Guys -- Sock It to Me
Midways -- Night of the Sadist
Warrior Soul -- The Drug
The Last Vegas -- Goddamn Fantastic
The Husbands -- Bar-B-Q
Zoobombs -- Gimme Some Money
Townes Van Zandt -- Why She's Acting This Way
Bonnie "Prince" Billy -- Madeline Mary (live)
Giant Sand -- Swamp Thing
The Slow Break -- Salenum
Tom Verlaine -- From Her Fingers
The Stranglers -- Peaches
Mission of Burma -- That's When I Reach for My Revolver

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