Friday, June 09, 2006

Life During Wartime -- 666

Quite non-Satanic! I resisted (mostly) my cheese cravings. See if you can pick out the exceptions...

Faster Pussycat -- City Has No Heart
Louis Armstrong -- Shadrack
The Black Keys -- Just Couldn't Tie Me Down
The Slow Break -- The Mistaken Identity of Man
Curse of Horseflesh -- Liberty's Cannonball
Vancougar -- Down On Me
The Creeping Nobodies -- The Sound of Joy
The Fall -- Junk Man
GitoGito Hustler -- Spherical Mass
Mecca Normal -- 1922
Frank Black -- Johnny Barleycorn
Daniel Johnston -- Chord Organ Blues
Tobin Sprout -- In Junky Dives
The Roots -- Star
Spyder D -- Big Apple Rappin'
Mars Ill -- Say So
The Coup -- My Favorite Mutiny
Final Fantasy -- Song Song Song
Experimental Dental School -- Your Tearz Are My Ice Cream
Pere Ubu -- Beach Boys
Quinzy -- Mike! Your House Is On Fire!
Danzig -- 777
Culture Club -- Church of the Poison Mind

Yes! Life During Wartime airs Tuesdays, 3-5pm on CJSR!

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