Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Life During Wartime, Valentine's Day

The human mind can't help but find -- or invent -- pattern and meaning out of random chance... like, when it's Valentine's Day everything takes on a love undertone. Sometimes you just have to say fuck it and go with the flow.

Talking Heads -- Tentative Decisions
Neutral Milk Hotel -- Song Against Sex
Califone -- Your Golden Ass
Robert Pollard -- The Numbered Head
Danzig -- 777
Soledad Brothers -- Crying Out Loud
Destroyer -- Sick Priest Learns to Last Forever
Mark Olson & the OHRCD -- Linda Lee
"Guy Terrifico" -- I'm Only Make Believe
Serge Gainsbourg -- Black Trombone
Donna Regina -- Slow Killer
Margo -- Space Summer
Pawa Up First -- We Swear It Was Self-Defense
Takako Minekawa -- Sleep Song
Terry Vile -- Actual Case Histories
Twin Fangs -- More Can Go Wrong
Eurythmics -- Caveman Head
The Damned -- Jet Boy/Jet Girl
The Blasters -- Border Radio
Heartless Bastards -- Done Got Old
Old Time Relijun -- Cold Water
Gram Parsons -- Hot Burrito #1
Alice Cooper -- Only Women Bleed

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