Friday, February 03, 2006

Life During Wartime, Jan 31

Just found my log sheet in my bag, so I guess I might as well put this up. Nothing real special this week, other than a double-hit of Kristofferson -- it was one of those moods. Still Tuesdays, still 3-5pm, still on CJSR 88.5 in Edmonton... still webcast, too.

Kris Kristofferson -- Nobody Wins
Uz Jsme Doma -- Jassica
Dirty Faces -- Superamerican
The Bees -- Chicken Payback
Guitar Wolf -- UFO Romantics
Carla Bozulich -- Lonesome Roads
Drazy Hoops -- Nothing Makes Sense Anymore
Howe Gelb -- Jason's List (I should have played "Lying There")
Destroyer -- A Dangerous Woman Up to a Point
Kraftwerk -- It's More Fun to Compute
Professor Undressor -- That Robot in the Waiting Room...
Cadence Weapon -- Fathom
Mon Frere -- Up Circle
Books on Tape -- Girls Up Front
Blood Meridian -- Shit World
Okkervil River -- I Have Seen the World of Dreams
The Starkweathers -- Burn the Flag
Kris Kristofferson -- The Law Is For Protection of the People
Tim Balash -- Under the Radar
The Elected -- Not Going Home
The Dazzlebrights -- So Quiet
Delta 5 -- Try
Talking Heads -- Making Flippy Floppy (12" remix)
Townes Van Zandt -- Short-haired Woman Blues
Magnolia Electric Co. -- 31 Seasons in the Minor leagues
Guided By Voices -- My Valuable Hunting Knife

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