Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Life During Wartime, Feb 21

Whew. Wind, cold, snow and post-potluck doziness had me dawdling way too long this afternoon; I got to the station about five minutes before airtime. Pulse-pounding excitement... and plenty of utility-belt tracks. The show is broadcast and webcast every Tuesday, 3-5pm Mountain, on CJSR.

Marvin Gaye -- You Sure Like to Ball
Morricone Youth -- Starshine
Spoon -- Chips & Dip
Yo La Tengo -- Sugarcube
Diableros -- Tropical Pets
Dirtbombs -- Chains of Love
Bauhaus -- Third Uncle
The Ladies -- So Much for the Fourth Wall
The Russian Futurists -- Your Big Brown Eyes, My Big Broke Heart
X-15 -- Vaporized
Les Goules -- Turlutte
Polysics -- I My Me Mine
Zmrzlina w/ Milk Chopper -- Me & Bobby McGee
Richard Buckner -- Rafters
Arab Strap -- There Is No Ending
Mel Torme with Rob McConnell and Boss Brass -- Ellington medley
Mighty Sparrow -- Russian Satelite
Pawa Up First -- Scenario In Three
Robert Pollard -- Connoiseur of the Moon
Pere Ubu -- Down By the River II
The Jam -- News of the World (live)
The Whores -- Girls on Dope
Pixies -- Where Is My Mind?

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