Saturday, April 09, 2011

Priests wear blue collars.

I work on the set of Taxi.

There is the short fat balding one,

there is the funny crazy one; the wacky guy. So zany.

There is that mouthy cunt, what’s-her-name.

And the accent-guy, fucking foreigners.

There is that one guy we can all relate to because he is us, detached and cool.

There is that vehicle in which we always envision ourselves. Like a soul.

It never says a thing because it is the last thing and sometimes the never thing that we ever think about eventhough the show brags it’s name: the taxi.

That quiet little cab just sits there and waits to carry these fools. It never says a thing.

It never moves a man to cry; but I do.

I weep for that little yellow taxi in that Taxi shop.

Surrounded by idiots and failures.

I work on the set of Taxi.

There is that mouthy cunt and there is the joker and there is the boss and there is the cool-jerk.

And here is the cab.



9 comments: said...

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Anonymous said...

You all should be careful.
He is a liar.
He betrays your confidence.
You all should break your heart.
If you trust him.

freegrrl said...

everyone is liar anonymous.

these lies remind me of a time when things were much easier.

i haven't read you in awhile bluebird. i like your poems.

chrisrawk said...

The boss came early in the morning one day and found the short bald guy kissing the secretary.

He shouted at him, "Is this what I pay you for?"

The shortie replied: "No, sir, this I do free of charge."

Anonymous said...

You don't know about him, freegrrl.
You don't know about him at all...

Sid Heart said...

Yes, yes. Cast stones. Memory has a wonderful edit button, just a click and it's the fault of everyone else. The simple fact that you are unable to grasp that makes it rather clear as to why you are heart-broken, does it not?

baseline said...

Anoynmous – Shame on you! I read this blog and others to be entertained, challenged and enlightened. I applaud their courage in exposing their thoughts, feelings and ideas for all to bear witness to. In attempting to “warn” others who do not know the individual personally is distasteful. To malign someone’s character as opposed to their work, while being “anonymous,” says more about your personality than the writer’s. I hope the next time you feel the need to attempt a character assassination you have the decency to do so privately with the individual than with such pettiness, protected in secrecy, on their blog. Sid, I love your writing and will continue to follow your blog regardless of the warning label attached to you ☺

Anonymous said...

Kuchi ni mistu ari, hara hi ken ari.

Anonymous said...

lies are truths yet revealed
once whispered aloud
more than hearts will be broken