Friday, January 29, 2010

“You don't love a woman because she is beautiful, but she is beautiful because you love her”

I wish a woman were in my bed right now.
I would love to make out, hard.

Right now I would slam this fucking computer shut and run into the bedroom, tripping over my hastily-offed clothing like a mad man, insane. I would grab her immediate waist, directly above her hips and I would grab her with both hands, one on either side and grip her like that.

I think I would love the way she would sweat, too, and could tell when she was excited.
Her back would begin to get hot and I knew her biology was delivering a severe beating to her logic.

I bought new sheets and we could be the first to fuck on them.

Breakfast is my treat, I do love to get up in the early pre-dawn.
I'll have a few Bloody Mary's while I make you an omlette.
Or peaches and cream cheese on a cinnamon bagel.
Or more sex.

After a little red wine tonight, I'll go to bed and sleep.

I wish there were a woman in my bed tonight.
I'd put down the lid on the wine, and close this computer and just put it down and even if she wanted to just spoon well man, that's just fine.

But I wish that woman slept tight with me and stayed the night and kept me cold with her feet and iced hands and man I wish she were in my bed tonight.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

"Sometimes up Sometimes down My life's so uncertain With you not around"

When I finally got out of bed, sheets following, I was worn out and felt weak and was sweating hard. My stomach and thighs were cramping and man it was painful struggling to the bathroom. I didn't need to sit down but I did need to rinse the sweat from my eyebrows, keeping the salty sting out of my eyes.

I brushed my teeth slowly as my tongue was swollen and raw. The toothpaste was irritating to taste but I spit it out fast.

More water, colder this time.

A glass of milk and a quick hit of pot put me right and I could hear them as I walked back to my room.

They were laughing and sighing and talking about scandals. They cooed and hurried me back under the covers when I walked in.

Having an orgy with The Supremes required stoic and regular stamina.

We smoked.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

"I do not concern myself with gods and spirits either good or evil nor do I serve any."

The HarperCollins Reference Library:


-Dr. Robert Burchfield.
Editor of the Oxford English Dictionary.
By Robert L. Chapman, Ph.d.

Abridged edition of the New Dictionary of American Slang

KDDI テム。

I left that for the KDDI guys from Japan today.
They seemed lost and really quiet, steam gone.
I spoke with the middle-manager on the sea-wall balcony while we smoked.

The second he saw that I knew a little about Japan he lit right up and almost ran; he skipped. He skipped over to the other guys who were cutting and capping cables to sat. links and servers to other shit I don’t know anything about.

We culture-flirted for the rest of the day and I am determined to get fucking drunk with them before this is all over.

For the four years of misunderstanding and stereotyping and racism and fucking unsolicited loathe Japan dished me even on my most broken and human nights and would give me the ‘gajin-gap’ on trains and busses and I could have really used a random warm touch, and have my existence acknowledged by something other than shock or invisibility, well, I got a little somethin’ for you, brothers and sisters.

A gift.

A book.


Funny ones.

-Love Sid.