Saturday, January 16, 2010

"Sometimes up Sometimes down My life's so uncertain With you not around"

When I finally got out of bed, sheets following, I was worn out and felt weak and was sweating hard. My stomach and thighs were cramping and man it was painful struggling to the bathroom. I didn't need to sit down but I did need to rinse the sweat from my eyebrows, keeping the salty sting out of my eyes.

I brushed my teeth slowly as my tongue was swollen and raw. The toothpaste was irritating to taste but I spit it out fast.

More water, colder this time.

A glass of milk and a quick hit of pot put me right and I could hear them as I walked back to my room.

They were laughing and sighing and talking about scandals. They cooed and hurried me back under the covers when I walked in.

Having an orgy with The Supremes required stoic and regular stamina.

We smoked.


chrisrawk said...

Upside down, you keep me hanging on... I'm coming out so you can't hurry love.

Sid Heart said...

I have been cheating on the Supremes with the Ronettes, too. Do I need to choose one? Or can I be discreet and have them both?