Sunday, October 11, 2009

7x My Size

Another song...

They say I've got to fight it
Say that's what I've got to do
Say I can dream up my own weapons
Say, "We believe in you!"
They say I've proved myself against many lesser guys
But this is seven times my size

They say I need the prize
But must not think about the purse
Say I must believe I'm good
Or I'll only end up worse
Say I've got no chains on me but those I forge myself
Architect of my own cell

Sister, will you arm me?
I dreamed my knives away
Sister, will you fight for me?
I'll gladly pay

And now it sits on me and I haven't got the strength
And now it jumps away and I haven't got the length
And now it blinds me, but I don't need my eyes
To know it's seven times my size

Do not believe her, when she says that you are strong
It's all deceit, sir, when she tells you you are long
It's always there, sir, from the cellar to the skies
And it's seven times your size

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