Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Very Viscous Fluid.

I met the ocean today and we had a good talk. It told me to keep on pushing, hold out; roll in and out like the tide.
I told the ocean that I was a little sad, and I missed my friends.
The ocean said, "Roll on, move the mountains with your constant rolling, reduce those boulders to sand. Grind it down".

"What do you expect, becoming an island. Of course you will be alone".

The ocean knew me and I felt shy and stepped back. But the tide lurched for my feet.
"I am you", said the ocean, "and you are me".
I jumped back again, but just a little, as I knew that showing fear was akin to showing your cards in poker.
The ocean asked me, "What do you need?"
"Something more than love, more than life?"

"I can't pay bills with those things", I yelled.

"What do you need?", the ocean repeated.

"I need me", I said.

The ocean laughed and told me that I had me already, and crashed at my feet.

"You don't understand, I don't have me. I don't know me and that which I knew is gone".

The ocean crashed at my feet, and rolled back, making sand from the rocks; rocks that were once boulders.

"Ah", I said, "I see".

And I rolled on.

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