Wednesday, January 07, 2009

"Language is the dress of thought."

Dear Anonymous.
I was cruel to you. You hate my writings.
I treated your discontent with light and sarcastic tones.
I think we can learn from each other.
At first you wrote,

"Yeah, you really sound dangerous and edgy."

This is a personal attack.
Nothing to be construed, you just flamed me.
But why?

Your second comment,

"and i'm sure these girls would be just thrilled to see your 'conquests' poste[d] for all the world to see. so classy."

If you want to understand what I have done here, email me privately at

My words have obviously had a deep impact on you.

Contact me in private and we can discuss this all; I am not afraid.
Are you?

Anyhow, love, I await your email.

Let's learning!

I will be private. about it all.

-Sid Heart

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