Tuesday, January 06, 2009

"I just wanted to get away from them. But there was no place to go."

I fucked a ton and drank even more, in Japan.
I had girls sending me their pictures from work, full cuntal.
Does that make me a bad man? They just wanted my cock, can't blame them, really.
I out-sized thier dudes, 3 to 1, easy, like a called horse race.
Inside info. kills bets, yo.

Wait, what? You like that?
You mad?
Fuck off, they came to, on me. They sent me shit that would make y'all blush.
I loved them and they loved me and we knew it was only for a short time. There were no hard feelings.

I liked to touch them like they had not, ever, been touched.
The fat cock was the cherry on the cake, though.
That was loved. I am sure monuments were built and burnt.
Cock. Fat, hard cock.
Yep, they loved it.
I fucked at least 12 married women while there; husbands ignoring them and kids screaming.
We went out and had a few and then I had to peel them off of the dick.
It's just the way it was.
Don't be mad, bay-be, cunt lovess me.
Can you blame them?
I can't.
In fact, it has made me the perfect fuck that I am.

Dig in.

-Sid Heart

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