Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Life During Wartime, July 25, 2006

Fun times, and some fresh CanCon karma. This'll be my second-last show; I'm taking off for a while before coming back into a new slot sometime in 6-8 weeks. Tuesday is just not the day I ought to be doing this thing, and it never has been. I'll be covering other shows, though, so there will still be playlists if you care. Life During Wartime is 3-5 pm on Tuesdays on CJSR, for one final week.

Rocket From the Crypt -- Ditch Digger
The Stranglers -- Waltzinblack
Conrad -- Endings 1st
Camera Obscura -- If Looks Could Kill
Grandaddy -- Rear View Mirror
Maps of the Night Sky -- We Were Young
Lake Holiday -- Press Record Then Play
The Slow Break -- Cowboy Crucifixion
Nirvana -- Marijuana
Creatures of the Golden Dawn -- The Face
Interpol -- Slow Hands
The Birthday Party -- Wild World
Black Flag -- My War
Yo la Tengo -- Tom Courtenay
Guided By Voices -- Sister I Need Wine
Kat Burns & Forest City Lovers -- Scared of Time
Beck -- Forcefield
Wood Pigeon -- Hymn for Two Walks
Ladyhawk -- Long 'Til
Pipo Fiasco -- Miss America
Sonic Youth -- Jams Run Free
The Frauds -- The Church of Seduction and the Republic of Business
Nice Cat -- Bottoms Up
D.Rangers -- Watching Her Dance
Mayor Matt Allen -- Bartender

PS -- Yo la Tengo, GBV, Beck, Sonic Youth, Rocket From the Crypt, Black Flag...? Yes. What's your question?

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K said...

You should play something off the newer Buck65 album. I listened to that album so much last summer. Like, "Kennedy Killed the Hat" or "Blanc-BEC". Or for something a bit more mellow "Blood of a Young Wolf" or my personal favourite "Drawing Curtains"