Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Life During Wartime, May 23, 2006

In some ways, this felt like a continuation of last week... but don't ask me which ways. Just, some. My time of being sheepish or apologetic about the fact LDWt's basically a retro-alternative pop show with a barely conscious new-music element bolted on is over; now, I revel in spinning shit like Dinosaur jr... I mean, fucking Green Mind is a FIFTEEN-YEAR-OLD RECORD.

I know; that didn't read like any "revelling" you've heard of. We Gen-X Slacker Alternative Grunge Latchkey Vidiot geezers do things different. Ly.

Les Savy Fav -- Blackouts
Karate -- It's 98 Stop
The (International) Noise Conspiracy -- Ready Steady Go!
Windows 78 -- Opportunity
Buzzcocks -- God, What Have I Done?
The Illuminati -- Down the Road
The Leather Uppers -- Bright Lights
Tijuana Bibles -- Wheelchair Werewolf
The Krazy 8's -- Phantom Car
Hank & Lily -- Laika
Tom Verlaine -- All Weirded Out
Hypatia Lake -- Joseph and the Divine Intervention of the Recreational Center
Beck -- Heaven Hammer (AIR remix)
Stereolab -- Excursions into "Oh, A-Oh"
Fantastic Plastic Machine -- On a Chair
Fancey -- Rock & Roll Rhythm
Carla Bozulich -- Pissing
Old Time Relijun -- Cold Water
Smalls -- VCR
Oakley Hall -- Lazy Susan
Pipo Fiasco -- Sanders
Dinosaur jr -- Thumb

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