Thursday, January 26, 2006

Life During Wartime, Jan 24

I was hung right the hell over after the election (see previous post) so the show was a bit of a train wreck. Got through half of the Alice Cooper track before I noticed it was on 45 -- I was on the phone, giving away tickets to a dance recital. Swiping Mike's rating system, I give it 5 Gion Ghomeshis (sp?) out of 10 Johnny Fevers. It's still on Tuesdays, 3-5 Mountain, and like all of CJSR, it's webcast.

Talking Heads -- Don't Worry About The Government
Ben Vaughn -- 7 Days Without Love
Midways -- Night of the Sadist
Chixdiggit! -- J Crew
Television -- Prove It
Sleater-Kinney -- What's Mine Is Yours
Gogol Bordello -- Not a Crime
Robert Pollard -- Love Is Stronger Than Witchcraft
Bonnie "Prince" Billy -- I See a Darkness (live)
Seu Jorge -- Quicksand
Delta 5 -- You
Gossip -- Jealous Girls
Enon -- Come Into
Band From Planet X -- Sweet Sleep
Deadly Snakes -- Gore Veil
Ramblin' Ambassadors -- Sixty Seconds to What?
Howlin' Wolf, Bo Diddley, and Muddy freakin' Waters -- Long Distance Call
Alice Cooper -- Reflected
Death From Above 1979 -- Romantic Rights
Bebop Cortez -- Rock's Chosen Warriors
Cat Power -- Willie
Paul Westerberg -- The Best Thing That Never Happened
Cagney & Lacee -- I'm Not Saying
Robert Pollard -- Conqueror of the Moon
The Advantage -- Castlevania II, the woods


  • the new Pollard disc, From a Compound Eye, is fairly fantastic;
  • the Delta 5 were contemporary with Mekons and Gang Of Four in Leeds, and the singles package just out on Kill Rock Stars is worth a look;
  • The Advantage play rock-solid, hard-hitting covers of music from NES games, without keyboards or samples, and it's really exciting even if you're not a nerd;
  • early Alice Cooper at 45 works!

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