Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Life During Wartime, 1-10-2005

A fun show; I dug around in the old vinyl compilations and came up with some fine relics. Also, I got a call asking for Darkroom, a local band from the early 80s who are awesome. I wish I could time-tunnel and go to one of their gigs. Maybe a high-school dance?

Anyway, the show's Tuesdays, 3-5pm MST on CJSR, webcast link over there -->

Dee Nasty -- Orientic Groove
The Fall -- Hey! Student!
Zoobombs -- Bullbone Blues
The Social Club -- The Accountant
Deadly Snakes -- Work
Merle Haggard -- One Row at a Time
Vic Chesnutt -- What Do You Mean?
David Bowie w/ The Mannish Boys -- I Pity the Fool
The Black Angels -- Manipulation
Darkroom -- Test of Time
Gang of Four -- Damaged Goods
Fire Engines -- Everythings Roses
P!ano -- Animal Friends
David Thomas Broughton -- Unmarked Grave
Johnny Burnette -- God, Country, and My Baby
Alton Ellis -- Jamaican Daughter
Drazy Hoops -- That Which Doesn't Kill You
Nick Cave -- Helpless
Jim White -- Still Waters
Solex -- Have You No Shame, Girl?
Margo -- l'ennui
Darkroom -- Broken English

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