Monday, August 08, 2005

No More Mister Nice Guy

While enjoying a pint of flat beer at the Power Plant I learned that K-Rock, known to me in my youth as K-97 (If I recall correctly), was changing formats at midnight tonight and it was all a big secret what their new format would be. Right now, they're playing a clip of Alice Cooper singing "no more mister nice guy!" over and over again -- not he whole song, just that phrase. Now and then, an announcer voice breaks in to say shit like "Call us shizophrenic; we've been called worse... at midnight Edmonton radio changes forever." Since I'm not gonna see Dukes of Hazzard tonight (watching movies solo sucks), I guess my evening involes sitting home and ringing in the new 97.3. Something to write about, anyway...

Shit. Just realized I haven't changed the station , and "no more... mister nice guy!" has been looping over and over and I didn't really notice or care. We're pretty desensitized to our sonic environment, huh?

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