Friday, October 15, 2010

Crowsnest Pass.

I love your California hair
in my face.
The way that you love me, too.
In the truck and on the way, you kept those mountains high
and those passes cold.
Frank Slide.
Crowsnest, from Vancouver to Edmonton up 22 the Cowboy Trail.
You kept me warm those nights.
Cochrane hotels and drunk on each other.
Vodka, too.
I cry when I make you smile because it's been so fucking long...
Have I ever made anyone smile like that. Ever? Ever?

When you lit my cigarettes as I drove the straight line roads
I hit the brakes as rarely as possible
because I need your momentum
you fucking angel.

I love that California hair in my face when I sleep.
When I breathe.
When I dream.

When I am awake.
And I am awake.

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