Saturday, September 04, 2010


When I am alone here
And the lights are out
I imagine a slow-dance with you.

When my hammer swings
And the nail is hit just right
There is a spark
And I imagine building a house for you.

While tying my shoes or washing the dishes
Alone, here
I imagine your hand on my back or neck or even on my ass
Lightly, lovingly, longingly.

I just want to crank the wheel of my truck
And drive to you
Openly weeping and yours.

I say sometimes
There are no other times
I don't think of these things.


nanci said...

So come. What is the best that could happen?

nanci said...

Come home, sid
the back yard is growning wild again
and the racoons don't come as close as I need you to
I need you too

sid, baby
when i fight with you
it's just jealousy &
a communication issue
don't run away from me
i'll not
run away from you

me here
you there
a few feet away
with a promise to stay
we are both alive
i'm still waiting for the sound
of your truck in the drive

come home, sid baby
come home
i will save your life
your heart
your skin and what's within
save me
by letting me
save you
come home, sid
i need you too

Anonymous said...

今 すごく さびしい
どこに いるの?