Friday, May 07, 2010

The Good Book

Another driving-composed song

It'll all be all right
It'll all be all right
I learned that in reading the Good Book at night

God must've been bored with just water around
so he split day and night and brought forth the dry ground
made fishes and birds and all things that creep
fashioned Man from the dust, woke him up from his sleep

Gave him a garden where the sweet waters flow
gave him dominion over all things that grow
but he left behind something Man might want to obtain
when sinful Man took it, God cursed him with pain

It'll all be all right...

God wanted sacrifice, obedience shown
Called down to Abraham, Put your son on that stone
with the sharp knife at Isaac's throat, God stayed his hand
said "I was just checking that you were My man."

It'll all be all right...

Forty years did Israel in deserts abide
evil idolators on every side
Then God said Go forth into that Promised Land
and take what you find there, you're my Chosen band

They marched forth in righteousness, and put to the sword
all heathens who would not bow down to the Lord
Canaanites, Midianites, women and babes
on their blood built a kingdom to sing the Lord's praise

It'll all be all right...

Then the Son came down from His Father above
saying All that's over, it's the time now for love
He fed starving multitudes, succored the ill
chastised the hypocrites, died on a hill

He said Love your neighbour, call your enemy friend
and I'll be back to judge you, but I won't tell you when

It'll all be all right
It'll all be all right
You learn that in reading the Good Book at night

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