Sunday, May 17, 2009

"And nothing 'gainst Time's scythe can make defence Save breed, to brave him when he takes thee hence. "

One of the holidays I took while living in Japan was to Bohol, Southern Philippines; pictured above. The stink was petrol and the drunk was hard.
I didn't do much of the tourist thing at all but instead on my first day bought a 40 ounce bottle of Jack and stumbled beyond the gates of the tourist-sanctuary, into the streets. I met some girls and we went to a street dance and I drank it all in and away. The Philippines is an insane country to begin with, but mixing that insanity with the drunk that I was, was, well, fucking insane.
I don't remember much but I know that I met some guys who resented me being with local girls.
It was Christmas Eve and they pulled a gun on me, the girls I was with tried to calm them down and I never flinched because I was too drunk to understand what was going on.
The gun-boys didn't want to rob me, they just wanted to kill me.
As the girls surrounded them I jumped in a jeepney that was speeding past. The jeepney swung wide and picked the girls up fast. We laughed nervously and then smoked cigarettes.
I rented a shitty room at a shitty hotel but it was cheap and I was fucking wasted.
I fucked them a bit and made them suck my flaccid cock.
I spent Christmas-eve insane, with cock in hand and whore.
They were good to me and I drank that Jack.
Fuck you.

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