Monday, May 14, 2007

The Murder of a Crow

Liverquest pal Dwayne Martineau had an intense experience this weekend:

There was a typically raucous crow court in the Mill Creek yesterday, right in front of my house. I ran down with my camera and MD recorder to capture the chaos. The crows, plus some jays and magpies, lost their shit for another 10 minutes then flew away.

I heard some crackly gurgles, thought it was a grouse or a baby or something, but then found this little guy. A flock will sometimes drive away-- or kill-- one bird.

He flew up, feebly clutched at a branch, then glided head-first into a spruce. I spent the next hour beside him watching him die. It was beautiful, but not pretty.

Nature's a bitch.


Aaron Paquette said...

That was a highly disturbing video.

The picture is incredible.

Electrolucy said...

Wow. I totally want to cry now...