Friday, September 01, 2006

The 3-Day Novel Contest

Hello, friends. As you may know, I am one of the contestants in BookTelevision's 3-Day Novel Contest, running this weekend. Starting at midnight tonight, myself and 12 other writers will have 72 hours to crank out a novel (novella, really) while cameras roll and reality-TV-style challenges dick with us.

The thing is going down at Chapters South Point, if you're interested in stopping by to point and stare at a bunch of writers corralled into a pen in the back of a bookstore/cavern. There is a short-bus shuttle that runs from Southgate transit centre to the big-box wasteland where the store is found. It's the 307 or 370 or some shit like that.

Here is the schedule for the weekend (a "hit" is a live feed to BookTelevision, in case you're a subscriber):

Friday, September 1st

11.55 PM Launch

Saturday, September 2nd

8.00 AM Judge Hit – Minister Faust
10.05 AM First Challenge
12.00 PM Character Hit – Mar’ce Merrell
2.00 PM Update Hit
2.05 PM Second Challenge
4.00 PM Character Hit – Timothy Anderson
6.00 PM Update Hit
8.00 PM Character Hit - Catherine Ford
8.05 PM Third Challenge – Performance Reading
10.00 PM Character Hit – Mark John Hiemstra

Sunday, September 3rd

12.30 AM The 14th Machine
2.00 AM Character Hit – Laura Kjolby
8.00 AM Judge Hit – Jenn Farrell
10.00 AM Update Hit
10.05 AM Fourth Challenge
12.00 PM Character Hit – Tyler Morency
2.00 PM Update Hit
2.05 PM Fifth Challenge
4.00 PM Character Hit – Jill Battson
6.00 PM Update Hit
6.05 PM Sixth Challenge
8.00 PM Character Hit – Ali Riley
10.00 PM Update Hit

Monday, September 4th

12.00 AM Character hit – Darren Zenko
2.00 AM Update Hit
8.00 AM Judge Hit – Todd Babiak
10.00 AM Update Hit
10.05 AM Seventh Challenge
12.00 PM Character Hit – Ron Yamauchi
2.00 PM Update Hit
2.05 PM Eighth Challenge
4.00 PM Character Hit – Felicia Pacentrilli
6.00 PM Update Hit
8.00 PM Character Hit – Wayne Arthurson
8.05 PM Final Challenge
10.00 PM Update Hit
11.55 PM Final Hit
12.05 AM Final Interviews, collecting the novels, put the novelists to bed.

I have no idea what the challenges will involve. All is mystery. See you all later. Have I mentioned that I'm not actually a novelist, and have no idea what I'm doing?


Electrolucy said...


Tyler More said...

We survived my friend.

It's been a few weird days since...

I can't seem to stay awake for longer than 4 hours at a time. I sleep for long, irregular periods of time.

My boss tries to get me in to work. I explain that I'm completely unable to do so. She's disappointed and seems to think I'm hamming it up because I'm lazy.

Sort of true, but I'm totally unable to do proper "real-life" tasks.

I need to party soon and get back into it.

the virgin gladys said...

oh the sad slow exodus from fairy land.

mitigated by the smoky sky and the blood red moon, Meat Draw on the stereo and the knowledge that when I reached my destination their would be two old retarded men and a lonely puppy esctatic to see me.

I'm working the graveyard shift on this my birthday, jonesing for bauershinken,300 thread count, legal downers and sundry sweetness.

Aaron Paquette said...

How'd it go? I want to get a look at that novel...wish I'd checked in earlier so I could go see all the book writing "action".

Anonymous said...
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forbesfield said...

Darren, was there some sort of discussion of a failed attempt to jerk off in the chapters bathroom? Because I didn't get to read it, and the informant who provided this information added that she thought the post had been deleted. Don't punish me for only being an occasional reader! And also don't ask me why I would want to actually read about that (its just the principle!).

Anonymous said...

Yes, such a thing did/does exist.

forbesfield said...