Saturday, October 15, 2005

We Still [heart] Katamari...

... and I'm properly gratful for that gift of love in A Gamer's Thanksgiving Prayer over at Vue.

And what else? My ancient ThinkPad is having that problem where purty much any application (Firefox, etc.) hangs itself (but not the system) on startup -- I'm surfin' the Web by typing URLs into the address lines of blank folders. I'd call this computer a "piece of shit", but really it's doing well for a six-year-old machine that was bottom-of-the-line to start with.

On the Mac side of things, the elderly iMac I inherited from Griwkowsky's mom is doing just fine, for a machine with 64MB of memory and a mid-90s OS. Between my two sorta-working computers, I kinda have one OK computer. Like, if I write something on the ThinkPad, I have to use WordPad because it doesn't hang. But my real word processor (Lotus) does hang, so if I want to spell check or count words, I have to go online and email the doc to myself so I can open it on my Mac and do those things. This involves physically unplugging the ethernet cable from the little USB conversion box -- my TP's ethernet port crapped out 2 years into its life -- and slapping it into the iMac, 'cause I keep forgetting to buy a cheapo hub when I have money.

Wasn't that an exciting story? Wait! There's more! I also took a picture of a Dalek!

PS: I forgot to mention (because I actually forgot, myself) how my window-browsing technique means a total system hang whenever a site tries to open a new window. That's pretty often.

PPS: Finally, LiverQuest beats out this liver-health questionaire on Google!

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